SilkAir Singapore Website Review & Ratings + SilkAir Singapore Coupons
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SilkAir Singapore Website Review & Ratings + SilkAir Singapore Coupons

SilkAir Singapore : Products & Services

SilkAir Singapore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines and operates on routes with in the Far East, Australia and India. The airline offers a good quality of service to its passengers and operates short haul routes to facilitate its parent airline. SilkAir Singapore's website provides up to date information regarding flight schedules, ticket booking, ticket purchase and also provides the facility of booking hotel rooms and holidays from the convenience of one's own computer. The website lay out is very good and browsing the website is a pleasurable experience. SilkAir Singapore prides itself with exceptional in-flight entertainment and was the first Asian airline to offer hand held portable video on demand service. The website also lets passengers use their frequent flyer program known as KrisFlyer in order to avail privileges and discounts offered to customers using the program.


SilkAir Singapore : Company Background

SilkAir Singapore started as a charter airline known as Tradewinds Charters in 1976. It initially used planes leased from Singapore Airlines. A major restructuring and re-branding in 1991 lead to the name SilkAir Singapore and it changed its approach to in-flight services and customer services in general. The airline currently employs 22 airplanes to ferry passengers across 44 destinations.

The airline operates two categories of seating arrangement:

  • Businesses

  • Economy

In the 36 years of formation the airline has become a trend setter and with the hindsight of its management will overcome any obstacles that may come its way in the future.


SilkAir Singapore : Customer Feedback & Reviews

The airline seems to have problems with its seat reservation and catering system as most problems reported are related to them. The airline seems to be unable to process request for seat allocations as mentioned by Noel Hackett “My husband and I flew from Penang to Singapore at 9.15pm on Fri 16th Nov and requested a window seat and the one next to it, and the same for our flight SQ237 from Singapore to MEL at 11.50pm. We were told there were no window seats plus the next one available. We were lied to as there were seats available when we got onboard. Our first experience with SilkAir has left us extremely disappointed.”. Another A Dobson writes “Booked over 6 months in advance for our tickets from Singapore to Koh Samui. This was the first flight with Silk Air and possibly the last. Food was very ordinary on the flight to Samui. We didn't eat it. Flight was okay apart from that but return flight was very poor. Despite booking together and being husband and wife, we were placed in separate seats, to make matters worse, at the rear, near the toilets. Admittedly it was a busy flight but the staff didn't seem to care. 'It's only a 1.5 hour flight' was the response when I asked if we could move to seats together. The food was better than on the way over but we felt like we were travelling with a very average budget airline, even though we paid a premium price. Will avoid travelling with Silk Air again.”.

Some passengers have appreciated their services but complained of over pricing. S Neoh writes “You do pay through your nose for SilkAir (versus the budget airlines), but it's hard to complain with the superb experience you get. Smooth boarding, attentive and courteous staff, a delightful new cream-and-brown design scheme, immaculately clean interiors, and Food and beverages more generous than one expects for 75-minute segments.”.

Several factors come into play when comparing quality of service such as time of flight and whether it is booked in the busy seasons. Most of the complaints mentioned are reported by passengers using several other airlines so it is a common problem for airlines serving short haul routes.


SilkAir Singapore : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The airline is not US based so it does not have BBB accreditation as well as rating. The airline though has been around for more than 3 decades and one can be sure of its credibility as it flies millions of passengers on a yearly basis. The airline is in sound financial condition and can honor its financial commitments with ease. It is safe to say that the airline is in safe hands and can be deemed as credible.


SilkAir Singapore : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gives the website a global rank of 79,951 and a Singapore rank of 708. Google Page Rank gives the website a 6 out of a possible 10. Compete gives the website a rank of 459,823 and unique monthly visitor average of 2,318. The airline is ranked 5th amongst its competition. The airline has made its presence felt on the internet and it is safe to say that the website is quite popular.


SilkAir Singapore : Social Media Presence

The FaceBook page of the airline has 15,926 likes and is used to share information about the airline, its services and destinations that it flies to. The airline uses the twitter account @silkair where it has 652 followers and has 210 tweets. The airline has used the social media platform to its advantage and has promoted its services and brand in a very positive way. This exercise has helped create extra revenue due to the far reach of social media on the general public.


SilkAir Singapore : Website Security & Safety

According to Google Safety Diagnostic the website is not suspicious. The website has not hosted malware or viruses in the last 90 days and none of its pages are infected. The airline also uses a good amount of security protocols in order to achieve web security. The website uses the HTTPS and SSL protocols to ensure financial and user data security. The airline ensures that all browsing sessions are smooth and free from any harmful viruses or self installing programs.


SilkAir Singapore : Pricing & Packages

The pricing depends on several factors such as time and date of travel along with category of seating selected. For example a round trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia traveling economy class for SGD 306.90. The prices on offer when compared with other airlines is relatively higher as other airlines may be lower in quality of service but charge a cheaper fare. The airline prides itself with quality over price so is the preferred choice of passengers who choose quality over price.


SilkAir Singapore : Shipping Rates & Policies

The website only offers e-ticket, hence no shipping rates are applicable.

SilkAir Singapore : Payment Methods Accepted

The airline accepts both credit and debit cards as form of payment. He credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diners Club. Debit cards powered by Visa and MasterCard are accepted as forms of payment. The airline to ensure customer financial data security uses HTTPS and SSL encryption to ensure smooth and secure purchasing.


SilkAir Singapore : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The airline offers refunds to e-tickets bought online. The airline recommends the passenger contact the airline's office or customer services before the ticket expires. The airline has a simple policy and usually return the customer's money in the earliest possible time. It can be noted the airline does not provide a specific time frame but rest assured as there are no complains regarding this matter, the airline will honor its commitment to refund.

SilkAir Singapore : Product images & screenshots
SilkAir Singapore Coupons
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